We don't sell any software, it's completely free. 
We make it easier to solve your problems.

Our main products are OT.Platform and simplified modeling language - SMaLL. They are designed in order to reduce barriers to machine learning for experts from different subject areas so that they could apply the power of BD and ML in their industries.
Diversity is the key to sustainability
The signature feature of our team is passion for machine learning technologies that unites practitioners from oil and gas, medicine, various branches of communication and telecommunication, logistics, sports, financial structures, industry, risks, security and IT, of course. 
There are 62 of us and we are ready to offer out-of-the box solutions for your tasks.

Each of us came to machine learning and development in their own way. But first of all we are experts in our industries and we understand well how difficult the tasks of the real world are.
We developed an OT.Platform and SMaLL so that the entire range of modern ML instruments would be available to specialists in their field with no need to dive into the math routine details of data science.
We believe that machine learning would become most effective if only subject experts would be able to leverage both: the fundamental knowledge and experience of their fields.

Open source and friendly for self-development and connection with external analytical tools

Fast analysis of industrial data volumes (up to 10 TB per day)

Lambda architecture: working with classic batch processing and real-time streaming data

Effective use of RAM

Optimization for both text processing and numeric time series

Automatic scaling

Basis: common open source products
Based on the experience of our specialists commercial applications which work on top of the OT.Platform and SMaLL have been developed.
We do not impose any restrictions on the independent implementation of any functionality by our Partners and Customers. Commercial applications are marketed as a way to reduce time to develop this functionality yourself.
Intelligent Accident Prevention System
The predictive analytics system implemented on the basis of our OT.Platform is used in both -  the fuel and energy complex and in IT companies.
Automated Capacity Management System
Powerful predictions of computing resources for large companies is the key to continuity and high quality of IT services.
Personal Efficiency Management 
Is developed for detailed control over the performance of employees and better understanding of workflows.
Business Process Mining

Reconstruction of business processes following the traces in information systems provides a significantly higher efficiency in assessing the effectiveness of business processes.

26, Stremyanniy Lane, Moscow

+7 (495) 252 22 33


+7 (495) 252 22 33

26, Stremyanniy Lane, Moscow